Saturday, March 5

10th :)

Hi and peace be upon you.

So yesterday was our 10th monthsary! Yeayyy never expected we could be this long.
Actually I dont know what to write because I'm soo sleepy right now but nvm I will try to mak eit worth. hehehe
So, since I first met you until now, again and again I will fall in love with you. Your cute-panda-sor
t-of face that make you even cuter. ehehee thank you baby because act like my panda hihihi
Thank you always bring me jalan jalan makan makan thank you selalu belanja belanja belanja thank you baby boo hiks

Dear Ridza Ridzuan, thank you because always create smile on my face. Thank you because always with me through thick and thin even though sometimes I treated you bad. I'm sorry if I make you feel bad and burden :)

Thank you for everything my love. Hope we will have bright future together . I love you baby.
Happy 10th monthsary baby .

I love you forever:) 

                                    Your soul, 
                                            Aqilah Nasuha

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