Monday, March 7

My soul partner

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I didn't expected time flies so fast. We've been through about a year now sayang. Happy 10th monthsary sayang cuk. Thank you because be my soul partner till now sayang. Even before this i treated you bad but you still love me and always still keep loving me. Thank you sayang because still accept me as your partner and your soul partner in your life.

Dear Aqilah Nasuha, you make me falling in love with you again and again. I will never stop loving till the end. And thank you because always beside me till now. I'm sorry because i treated you bad and i'm sorry on what i've done to you before this sayang.

Thank you for everything sayang. Hope we can build our future together. I love you soo much sayang cuk.

Happy 10th monthsary sayang.

I love you forever and after :)

Your soul,
Ridza Ridzuan

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